Raspberry & Rhubarb

still tweeking

Who knew that starting a website and trying to drum up business would be so much hard work!?  well. I did.  and I'm loving every second of it! 

I think I might join the circus - Ive become very good at juggling!  babies, christening parties, a weekend away catering in an amazing holiday cottage, walking the dog, talking to a husband, washing, cooking, puree is my specialism at the moment - (I love weening!).... the list I feel, is endless! 

I love being busy! I thrive.   Sometimes though, the 'baby brains' catch up with me (they are actually a real thing!)  but I am winning that battle and completing everyday life with two very young children and setting up a really exciting catering business to boot!. 

I think more than anything else, Ive realised what an exciting time this is.  This is the start of the next chapter.  Doing something I love.  

I cant stop "tweeking" the website though.  Im not happy with it yet, so Im sure, more menus to follow and ideas to add.  I just want people to understand how versitile we can be!   please feel free to make any suggestions on how I can make this site more user friendly or add or take away information to improve it.

Hope you are finding this useful!   I look forward to hearing from you and coming to cook for you in your home!! 

Raspberry & Rhubarb