Raspberry & Rhubarb

My first blog post

So here we are.  Ive made the leap to making a website... done the twitter account, still trying to work out how to connect the two! 

So where has Raspberry and Rhubarb come from?  I hear you say..... well it just has really.   I worked as a cook for many years before pursuing a career as a teacher.  I love all things food.  sourcing great products and creating different dishes... experimenting as well as following classic recipes.  

My inspirations have come from all over the world.  From the UK chefs appearing on the black box in my sitting room to working in the french Alps, travelling to other parts of Europe, Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  

I've cooked for many people.  Of course, friends and family... my daughter (9months) is loving all things mashed up at the moment..   Cooking in a large pub, my own restaurant, clients on skiing holidays in the Alps, guests at the weddings that I've catered, Christenings, funerals and birthday parties.  

Yes, when its for other people, I suppose its work, but I love it!   Listening to want people want and creating a food memory for them.  

Is this first blog post gushy enough??  I hope you are going to enjoy my foody write ups... 

I also quite fancy being a food critic... so I may even write a bit about other places that I've visited... watch this space! 

Raspberry & Rhubarb