Raspberry & Rhubarb

Merry Covid Christmas

What strange times we are living in! 

We have had to change our entire business.  From huge functions and parties, to drop off ready meals for 2...  

As always, our kitchens have been assessed by Food Standards and we are sticking to a maticulous cleaning regieme that ensures  all of our customers are catered for and kept safe and well.

We are trying something new... again... 

Families wont be joining together for a huge Christmas celebration this year.  Instead, we will find ourselves at home with our family of 2 or 4, 5 or 6...  If you order a whole Turkey, you'll be eating it through to Easter....    

We know the most fantastic turkey farmers, and thought about how we could still help people to have a traditional meal, but without a rediculous excess.  This is when our Christmas meal menu was created. 

Let R&R do the hard work, so you can just sit back, enjoy.  

Have a look through our festive menu at the different options and let us know what we can do to give you a brilliant Christmas 


Raspberry & Rhubarb