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Branching out To hit the weddings!

I got married just over 5 years ago.... it seems like a lifetime already.  So much has happened, and two new lives have been created..... although sometimes when they are trying to kill each other, I wonder if it was the right thing to do... anyway... Our Wedding Catering...... where should I start?

We decided to use a local company.  I liked their passion to get business.  They came and met with us and really listened to what we wanted.  It all felt perfect.  Being a cook myself, I just wanted to know that this side of my wedding was all taken care of.  We would have the home style dining - cold ‘do it yourself’ lunch.  Breads, cheese, meats, pate, quiche followed by homemade filled pavlova yummmm.  My favourite things all being served - what could possibly go wrong.

When it came to the day, cracks started to show.  I saw boxes of ‘food service’ food being unloaded from a van when I was promised ‘homemade’. There was nothing I could do about it.  I just had a massive sinking feeling.  

The caterers told me that all they would need was a refrigerated trailer.  A kitchen prep tent it’s tbales and power for hot water.  This is what they got.... When we got back from the church, there was a man in the house kitchen using my mother’s oven.  He was just ‘cooking’ the quiches.  This wasn’t part of the deal.  Actually, what he was doing was defrosting the shitty excuses for quiches that hadn’t been taken out of the freezer in time. 

After a minimal amount of canapés - none of which I saw, the wedding breakfast was served.  You can’t Cock up salads and breads too much - but they weren’t the breads we were promised.  I’ve already covered the quiche - which was vaguely warm and soggy!  The cheese was not local cheese(as promised) it was all bought from Lidl.  I love Lidl cheese - but again, this wasn’t what we were promised.  The meats looked ok, but again, not locally sourced, we found all the Lidl packaging after the event. 

On to the homemade puddings.  I think you can probably guess... NOT homemade.  Factory produced meringue buckets filled with sweet cream and defrosted fruit.

My god I was pissed off at this point.  Nearly turning into bridezilla, I looked around.  My guests were happy.  They were eating, drinking, being merry, it was just my husband and I that knew they weren’t getting what we had been promised.

I hate complaining - so I made my husband do it.  The lovely couple that came into our home, listened to what we wanted, helped us create our perfect menu and promised us so much were actually two lying individuals who were just in it for the money.  Rude, lying, deceitful people who didn’t care at all that my most special day was very nearly ruined by them and their lies.

I won’t even go in to what some of their staff did during the evening, but this was just the icing on the cake for me (excuse the pun!) 

Why am I talking about all of this now....?  I don’t ever want this to happen to anyone - ever.  I love meeting couples and talking to them about their wedding food.  If I can’t do something - I tell them.  If I can do something then I do it to the best I possibly can.  I understand how important it is that things are exactly the way that the two most important people on that day what them to be.  There is absolutely no point at all in promising the earth and not having a hope in hell in delivering it.

I want to cater for weddings and make sure everything is perfect.  I can see the little things that others might not.  Make sure the table cloths are straight.  The glasses polished, the cutlery gleaming.  Make sure your guests are served the best food from the best producers.   

I hand pick my staff and make sure I have the friendliest, experienced, efficient staff that come well presented and ready to be a part of your day as well.  

And I also take a small amount of satisfaction every time I take a bit of business away from them! 

Raspberry & Rhubarb